Do you love Hamlet? Do you love theater? Do you love adventures? We have something for you! And even if you don’t, you are going to be interested in  » Hamlet’s Bizarre Adventures » Branly show.

We’ve been working for so long with more than 80 professionals to create this masterpiece: it’s going to be epic. Thanks to our toil, we are now ready to present you this work of art.

Hamlet’s Bizarre Adventures is the story of Hamlet, a young prince, who is going to time travel! How AMAZING! Between fights, trips, discoveries, death and suspens… you will be blown away!
If you are interested, come to see us, the 2nd of June 2022, at 7: 00 pm !

PS: Ce spectable n’est malheureusement ouvert qu’aux parents des élèves concernés.